Sunday, 17 August 2008


Paraiba is the state I live, in Brazil. There are interesting stories of "strange lights " in our sky. Guarabira is a town , about 120Km from the capital, João pessoa. This town is known to be the most visited place in Paraiba by UFOs. I myself went there to check. I took my video camera but all I could film was a very fast light, for seconds only, but next tot he place where I made my short film, I met a family in a house .The girl who lived in the house told me this strange story: her father is a taxi driver and one night he did not come home. It was late and they were worried about him. He used to come at 6 PM and it was 8 PM, so the girl decided to look for him. For her surprise, his car was outside, in front of the house. He was there , in the car all the time. What happened then? He was in shock inside the car!!He said later that when he stopped the car, he saw a very big disc over the house, he said it was bigger than a football field. This house is on a hill, there are few other houses around it. Apart from this story, many other people there said they had seen flying objects over the town. I researched and I found that some experts made a map with the most frequent places the lights were seen, here they are, all in Paraiba: from Rio Tinto to Coremas, São Félix to Triunfo, from Jacaraú to Cabaceiras, from Mata Redonda to Araruna and from Jacaraú to Queimadas.But always passing over Guarabira. More information (in Portuguese:) (and in English:)

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Nanda said...

Fredi...I didn´t know this Phenomeon!I have never seen OFUs in my life, but I think interesting to read about.
Kisses...See you!