Tuesday, 26 August 2008


A long time ago,something really frightening happened in my house. Something unexplainable! That’s why my house is known among my friends as “haunted”.
There was a man who used to come here to fix the shutters of our windows.As I was a child I do not remember him at all, so my father hás told me this episode. His name was “Seu” Djalma. My father collects insects for studying ,so one day “Seu” Djalma came here and called my father. He said that he had moved from his house and brought a beetle he had found in his garden and gave it to my father. He was pale and he did not want to enter the house, he stayed in the garden . He gave the insect to my father and my father wrote the new address he gave him on a piece of paper. The address was the following: Rua Campo Santo, 8. (8,Campo Santo Street) He said it was next to a cemetery in the center of town. A month later, a shutter had a problem and my father went after him, looking for his house. He looked for that street everywhere, until he asked someone who knew Seu Djalma ,and that person said that he had died. The undertaker in the cemetery said that that address was inside the cemetery. (A few years ago I went to that cemetery to check that address and I was told that the cemetery really hás streets inside with names to help find the graves, but that street had changed the name and he did not know where it was anymore) My father said it wa simpossible, Seu Djalma would not give an address inside the cemetery, and the undertaker took him to see a grave:It was Seu Djalma’s grave...the name of the street? Rua Campo Santo...the number of the grave? Number 8!! My fahter did not believe it and went to Seu Djalma’s house, wher ehe used to live. His wife said that he had died more than a month before, but before he died, he had found a beetle and put it in a plastic andd placed ithigh, on a nail on the wall and said he would take it to my father. But, before taking it to my father, he had died and then she did not care about the beetle anymore. My father said: “I have got the beetle, he gave it to me!!”

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

The mystery of "Ladeira do Amendoim" (Slope of the Peanut)

Some say it is an optical illusion, some say it is a kind of magnetism under the asfault, iron mineries in great quantity, some say it is witchcraft, anyway it is really strange!! I have decided to include it here because the blog is about mysteries and this is a mystery!

Belo Horizonte is a big city in the south of Brazil, it is the capital of the state of Minas Gerais. There is a very ellegant district there called Mangabeiras and in that place there is a great mystery: a slope. That is not a common slope. If you drop a ball on a slope, of course it goes down, doesnt it? but not here. In "Ladeira do Amendoim", (Slope of the Peanut, in English) it goes up, not down.The real name of the street is "Professor Otávio Magalhães", but it is only known as The Slope of the Peanut. I went myself there to check and made a film, that you can see here. First I went to a supermarket and bought a bottle of soft drink, and then I went there and dropped it on the ground, and it did not go down. Then, my cousin turned the car off and it simply went up, a car which is much heavier than a bottle. There are usually tourists there carrying balls, bottles, even oranges just to see the mysterious movements that happen in that place. But if is magnetism, why does it attract plastic, fruit, etc? see for yourself...

Sunday, 17 August 2008


Paraiba is the state I live, in Brazil. There are interesting stories of "strange lights " in our sky. Guarabira is a town , about 120Km from the capital, João pessoa. This town is known to be the most visited place in Paraiba by UFOs. I myself went there to check. I took my video camera but all I could film was a very fast light, for seconds only, but next tot he place where I made my short film, I met a family in a house .The girl who lived in the house told me this strange story: her father is a taxi driver and one night he did not come home. It was late and they were worried about him. He used to come at 6 PM and it was 8 PM, so the girl decided to look for him. For her surprise, his car was outside, in front of the house. He was there , in the car all the time. What happened then? He was in shock inside the car!!He said later that when he stopped the car, he saw a very big disc over the house, he said it was bigger than a football field. This house is on a hill, there are few other houses around it. Apart from this story, many other people there said they had seen flying objects over the town. I researched and I found that some experts made a map with the most frequent places the lights were seen, here they are, all in Paraiba: from Rio Tinto to Coremas, São Félix to Triunfo, from Jacaraú to Cabaceiras, from Mata Redonda to Araruna and from Jacaraú to Queimadas.But always passing over Guarabira. More information (in Portuguese:) http://www.jornalexpress.com.br/noticias/detalhes.php?id_jornal=6191&id_noticia=914 (and in English:) http://www.v-j-enterprises.com/ubraz896.html


Something really different happened in my house again. While sleeping on the sofa in the living room, I observed during the night when I woke up to go to the toilet, a geometric figure floating around the room. It was a red brigth square , slowly floating towards the other living room. My mother was sleeping on another sofa opposite my sofa and the figure passed over her. Another day, I was on the same sofa and I saw a yellow cilinder, on the ceiling. It fell down, almost hitting me and disappeared. They were big, almost my size. I had never read or heard anything similar to it so I went to research in internet, and all I found was a site with something similar in it, that is the address of the site : http://www.oddbooks.co.uk/oddbooks/iwwhiteside.html . Well, it is something new for me, but I started researching a lot. Then, a friend of mine, who is a medium, told me that he had been to a seance once, and the medium told she was going to receive the spirit of an extraterrestrial, and my friend did not believe at first, so she "incorporated" a spirit who said he was from another planet and was worried about the future of our planet, the violence in our planet was disturbing the energy in his planet. During the speech, my friend saw a triangle floating next to the medium. Once more, a geometric figure !!!And then just to finalize, another day I was in my computer room, talking to a friend . I had a terrible headache that day and I was talking and closing my eyes all the time, then suddenly when I closed my eyes, I saw on my mind a bright triangle. When I opened my eyes, I saw a woman sitting next to my friend, on the sofa.The woman was about 55 years old, she had light hair (a bit orange), she had her hands on her knee and was looking at me. When I called my friend and showed her the woman, the woman vanished.
After researching a lot, I read that sometimes creatures from other worlds use geometric forms to create something like an "aerial" (antenna) to communicate to people from our world. If anyone has ever had an experience like that, please e-mail me.


My house has always been visited by strange unidentified people...I would call them spirits.
I live in Brazil, in a town called João Pessoa. The house is not that old but strange things have been happening since I was a child.
When I was about 12 years I saw some fast flashes of what I used to call dreams...at least I thought they were dreams. Many of our maids said they had seen people walking in the kitchen, backyard and bedrooms, and two of my friends said they had seen a woman in white clothes in the terrace and in the living room. My mother has also seen people running or walking in her bedroom.
Well, I would not have written this story if the following things had not happened to me...
In a hot night in 1993, I woke up, as I usually do, in the middle of the night. There was a lamp on my desk so the room was not dark. Next to my desk, there was a little girl, she seemed to be afraid and she was stooping with her head down. She was holding a toy, a doll or a teddy bear, I am not sure. Her dress was white with red spots. I sat on my bed and closed my eyes in fear and I thought: "It must be a dream, it is not possible..." so I decided to open my eyes to check and she was still there, she did not move and then she gradually fade away.
Next day my Uncle from another town, came to visit us and I "gently" offered him my bedroom, it was an excellent excuse for not sleeping there for two months.Then, some months later, in October, the strangest thing in my life happened.
At that time I had had a health problem caused by diabetes and was worried about it. Then, one day I woke up by 5.00 O'clock in the morning. As my town is known by the slogan:"João Pessoa, where the sun comes first", 5.00 O'clock in the morning is not so dark around here. I woke up and saw a very strange creature curved on me, he was looking at me and when I woke up this creature went two steps back and stopped next to my wardrobe. There was another one there waiting for him. I could not believe my eyes, so I sat on my bed and looked straight to the other side, I even thought about taking my video camera to record them, then I looked fixedly at him....it was the strangest thing I have ever seen in my life!. He wore a long mantle, it was not made of cloth, it was hard as plastic or something that did not have anything to do with a normal soft cloth. He had a small glass in his hand with a bright blue liquid in it. His fingers were very thin and long and he also wore something like square silver glasses or a mask covering his eyes. His face was thin with a long chin and a small mouth and no hair. He was serious and we stared each other for about one or two minutes. He and the other one were transparent, so I could see my wardrobe door behind them. Then they slowly fade away...very slowly. I stood up and looked around to check and I have to admit that it made me move to the sitting room for many months, where some other things happened too, during the whole next year of 1994 but not so amazing as this one. (I tried to draw a picture of the creature, it is similar to the picture)
Now I am back to my bedroom and the last thing I saw there was in 1999, three people next to my bed but they were not looking at me, I guess they have not even seen me and they vanished too, very slowly. I cannot surely say what all these things are, I just can say what they are not: they are not a dream, I really saw them. Other things have happened since then...
Submitted from: AJK, Paraiba, Brazil