Tuesday, 19 August 2008

The mystery of "Ladeira do Amendoim" (Slope of the Peanut)

Some say it is an optical illusion, some say it is a kind of magnetism under the asfault, iron mineries in great quantity, some say it is witchcraft, anyway it is really strange!! I have decided to include it here because the blog is about mysteries and this is a mystery!

Belo Horizonte is a big city in the south of Brazil, it is the capital of the state of Minas Gerais. There is a very ellegant district there called Mangabeiras and in that place there is a great mystery: a slope. That is not a common slope. If you drop a ball on a slope, of course it goes down, doesnt it? but not here. In "Ladeira do Amendoim", (Slope of the Peanut, in English) it goes up, not down.The real name of the street is "Professor Otávio Magalhães", but it is only known as The Slope of the Peanut. I went myself there to check and made a film, that you can see here. First I went to a supermarket and bought a bottle of soft drink, and then I went there and dropped it on the ground, and it did not go down. Then, my cousin turned the car off and it simply went up, a car which is much heavier than a bottle. There are usually tourists there carrying balls, bottles, even oranges just to see the mysterious movements that happen in that place. But if is magnetism, why does it attract plastic, fruit, etc? see for yourself...

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Fernanda said...

Really it is a mystery!I have a friend from BH, and she always tell me about this "Ladeira do Amendoim"!Someday, who knows, I will visit this place and see with my eyes this phenomenon!:)
Kisses Fredinho!I always come to visit you blog!!!
See you!!