Sunday, 17 August 2008


Something really different happened in my house again. While sleeping on the sofa in the living room, I observed during the night when I woke up to go to the toilet, a geometric figure floating around the room. It was a red brigth square , slowly floating towards the other living room. My mother was sleeping on another sofa opposite my sofa and the figure passed over her. Another day, I was on the same sofa and I saw a yellow cilinder, on the ceiling. It fell down, almost hitting me and disappeared. They were big, almost my size. I had never read or heard anything similar to it so I went to research in internet, and all I found was a site with something similar in it, that is the address of the site : . Well, it is something new for me, but I started researching a lot. Then, a friend of mine, who is a medium, told me that he had been to a seance once, and the medium told she was going to receive the spirit of an extraterrestrial, and my friend did not believe at first, so she "incorporated" a spirit who said he was from another planet and was worried about the future of our planet, the violence in our planet was disturbing the energy in his planet. During the speech, my friend saw a triangle floating next to the medium. Once more, a geometric figure !!!And then just to finalize, another day I was in my computer room, talking to a friend . I had a terrible headache that day and I was talking and closing my eyes all the time, then suddenly when I closed my eyes, I saw on my mind a bright triangle. When I opened my eyes, I saw a woman sitting next to my friend, on the sofa.The woman was about 55 years old, she had light hair (a bit orange), she had her hands on her knee and was looking at me. When I called my friend and showed her the woman, the woman vanished.
After researching a lot, I read that sometimes creatures from other worlds use geometric forms to create something like an "aerial" (antenna) to communicate to people from our world. If anyone has ever had an experience like that, please e-mail me.

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