Tuesday, 26 August 2008


A long time ago,something really frightening happened in my house. Something unexplainable! That’s why my house is known among my friends as “haunted”.
There was a man who used to come here to fix the shutters of our windows.As I was a child I do not remember him at all, so my father hás told me this episode. His name was “Seu” Djalma. My father collects insects for studying ,so one day “Seu” Djalma came here and called my father. He said that he had moved from his house and brought a beetle he had found in his garden and gave it to my father. He was pale and he did not want to enter the house, he stayed in the garden . He gave the insect to my father and my father wrote the new address he gave him on a piece of paper. The address was the following: Rua Campo Santo, 8. (8,Campo Santo Street) He said it was next to a cemetery in the center of town. A month later, a shutter had a problem and my father went after him, looking for his house. He looked for that street everywhere, until he asked someone who knew Seu Djalma ,and that person said that he had died. The undertaker in the cemetery said that that address was inside the cemetery. (A few years ago I went to that cemetery to check that address and I was told that the cemetery really hás streets inside with names to help find the graves, but that street had changed the name and he did not know where it was anymore) My father said it wa simpossible, Seu Djalma would not give an address inside the cemetery, and the undertaker took him to see a grave:It was Seu Djalma’s grave...the name of the street? Rua Campo Santo...the number of the grave? Number 8!! My fahter did not believe it and went to Seu Djalma’s house, wher ehe used to live. His wife said that he had died more than a month before, but before he died, he had found a beetle and put it in a plastic andd placed ithigh, on a nail on the wall and said he would take it to my father. But, before taking it to my father, he had died and then she did not care about the beetle anymore. My father said: “I have got the beetle, he gave it to me!!”

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